Company profile

Since 1989, the URBAN Art INTARS PARKETT company has been producing, supplying and installing wooden parquet flooring with rich experience. The company specializes in job-order manufacture in close cooperation with the customer and architect taking into account their requirements.

The company uses traditional and state-of-the-art production equipment which allows mastering the design and technical aspects of even the most complicated orders and ensures the originality of the work. The company cooperates with a team of experts and specialists.

The company is the holder of the following certificates and awards:

ES Certificate of Compliance
Quality Management System Certificate ISO 9002
Certificates of Utility Model Registration
1st place in the 2008 best implementation competition – C.P.S.

The Company also:

  • provides advice on the selection of patterns and wood with respect to the style of the interior and its colour ombination
  • provides advice on the selection of parquet type depending on the level of subfloor preparation, environment and type of heating
  • make exact copies of the original patterns in the case of historic building reconstruction including internal construction
  • make parquets with a historical appearance (roughing, tapping, soaking…)
  • make parquets with rounded bevelled edges and inside the parquet as well
  • makes and installs parquets directly according to the pattern designed by the architect, your own design or a selection from a wide range of company patterns.
  • advices on design of borderes, rosettes, peripheral trims… and their inclusion in the interior including full implementation
  • is able to produce a logo, coat of arms….. or other atypical element which will be a part of parquet flooring or other wooden components
  • uses exclusively domestic and exotic hardwoods
  • ensures complete delivery and installation including varnishing, oiling, listing…
  • ensures restoration of old parquets, makes exact copies to be added, smarten the floor, by grinding, varnishing…
  • makes atypical inlaid and traditional structural stair steps and risers
  • makes lining components for ceilings and walls

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