Basic parquet construction

Basic parquet construction:

TYP "A" - inlaid ready-to-use parquets (floating flooring)
Surface finished. Not to be glued to the floor, to be glued at the joining tip and groove only.
TYP "B" - inlaid panel-type layered parquets
Suitable also for historical objects and interiors with increased abrasion. These parquets are to be glued or nailed to the floor, then reground and surface finished.

TYP "C" - inlaid solid parquets - another main type
Suitable also for floor heating. This type is to be glued by heat-conductive glues, then surface finished after installation and re-grinding. Produced with chamfered edges.

TYP "D" - inlaid full
Solid parquets joined with separate joining tongue and groove, suitable also for spaces with high abrasion. Installed by gluing or nailing. After installation, the parquets are re-ground and surface finished directly at the building site.

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