Manufacturing, sale and installation of inlaid, atypical, cassette and other wood parquets

Characteristics of inlaid parquetry::

  • the beauty of natural material and variety of woods
  • enjoyable walking
  • thermal insulation and acoustic insulation characteristics
  • antistatic and antiallergic character
  • high aesthetic standard over long term use
  • simple and quick installation
  • composition of optional, round, straight, ornamental patterns
  • patterns according to architect design, original design or from catalogue
  • use of various hard domestic and exotic woods
  • delivery with/without installation

  • Basic Assortment:

    Wood parquets:

    • inlaid varnished (floating floor)
    • inlaid non-varnished (floating floor)
    • inlaid solid
    • inlaid layered – panel-type
    • parquetry with historic appearance
    • borders
    • rosette
    • veľkoplošné
    • large area
    • solid segments
    • timber flooring – traditional
    • flexible – suitable for gyms and fitness centres
    • according to own construction design and pattern

    Stair steps and risers:

    • layered stair steps and risers
    • inlaid stair steps

    Wooden ceiling and wall lining:

    • wooden wall lining
    • wooden ceiling lining components

    Related to wood:

    • Central European hardwood (Oak, Ash, Nut, Maple, Cherry, Acacia, Beech and other )
    • exotic hardwood (Wege, Mahogany, Jatoba, Merbau, Doussie, Ipe and other)

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